If you would like to receive a private 1-1 baby massage lesson, with a personalised massage routine designed specifically for you and your baby, then contact me now!

I can help to alleviate a range of common infant issues such as constipation, trapped wind, reflux, colic, teething and sinus pain as well as help unblock stuffy noses and relieve mucous build up from chesty colds.


Of perhaps you would like to learn how to help your little one relax and wind down before bed time? 

If you are struggling with tummy time, I can also offer a number of pointers to help with this. 

1-1 private massage sessions will be booked at a mutually agreeable date, time and location. The session can take place at a venue of your choice - usually your own home. The massage routine will be tailored to you and your baby. 

The massage masterclass will last between 60-90 minutes and you will receive a video recording of your massage routine after the session.

Sessions start from £45 - mileage charges may apply.

Contact me now to discuss!