The ultimate in birthday parties - treat your toddler plus 3 lucky friends to a spa party! These sessions are available at your home on weekends: day & times can be agreed.

Included in the £100 package:⠀

  • spa robe⠀

  • spa head band⠀

  • spa towels⠀

  • massage oil⠀

  • sensory lighting⠀

  • spa music ⠀

  • relaxing bean bag cushions ⠀

  • bubbles!⠀

  • story time with some basic stretches & breathing exercises

  • leg & foot massage ⠀

  • finger / toe nail file tidy & polish ⠀

  • face massage⠀

  • cucumber slices ⠀

  • temporary glittery tattoo

  • calm story with back massage to finish.⠀

The birthday girl or boy will receive a special gift too! ⠀

  • Please note, all massages must be carried out by the adult who holds parental responsibility for the child. I am there to instruct and guide. ⠀

  • Nail file tidy & application of polish can be done either by the adult who holds parental responsibility for the child or myself.⠀

  • All treatments will only be carried out with child’s agreement & consent.⠀

  • Gift for birthday boy or girl to the value of but not exceeding £5. ⠀

  • I wear PPE as requested for the duration of the session & take a rapid COVID test 24 hours before session.⠀

  • Sessions currently available to preschoolers (age 2-5 years).⠀

Travel within 20 miles of Truro free of charge, then mileage charged at 20p per mile outbound and return journey. 50% non-refundable deposit required upon booking acceptance. Remaining balance to be paid within 24 hours of booking. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be liable to pay the remaining balance in full. Cancellations which give over 24 hours notice will not be required to pay the remaining balance but the deposit remains non-refundable. 

Contact me using the button below now to discuss your requirements or for a quote.