Parental requirements

Your baby remains your responsibility throughout the Kernow Baby Spa or baby massage session.

It is not recommended to attend a session within 24 hours of your baby’s immunisations.

Parents remain responsible for their property whilst at their session. Kernow Baby Spa cannot take responsibility for any loss or damages to personal property whilst you are attending a session.


Cancellation & Refunds Policy

Kernow Baby Spa is unable to offer refunds under any circumstances, unless a session is cancelled by us (the operator). If a session is cancelled by us, you will be notified at the earliest opportunity via email/text and will be offered either a full refund or choice of another available date.

It is not operationally viable for us to be able to offer refunds under any other circumstances. We hope that you can appreciate our requirements regarding this and we thank you for your understanding.

If you are unable to attend your Kernow Baby Spa booked session, you may offer this session to another parent and baby. This would need to be agreed with us in advance and only if the space can be resold can you be offered an alternative date. If you are unable to attend a session of a baby massage course this cannot be offered to an alternative individual.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to purchase via our website for Baby Spa sessions only. The price includes the session fee & associated postage & packaging costs. If you prefer an e-voucher, you must contact us first to discuss. Gift vouchers have no expiry date and can therefore be used by the recipient at any time convenient to them. Bookings with a gift voucher are made via our website by entering the coupon code found on the voucher. Session availability is visible via the booking platform. Once a gift voucher has been purchased it is non-refundable.


Sickness Policy

Unfortunately in the event of sickness we are unable to offer any refunds due to the small capacity of our sessions, if would not be operationally viable for us to do so.



Please do not attend a Kernow Baby Spa session if either you or your baby have:

  • Experienced diarrhoea OR vomiting within the last 48 hours

  • Have a temperature above 37.5 degrees celcius

  • Have a new persistent cough

  • Have a loss of taste or smell

  • Have been diagnosed with or are showing symptoms of any of the following diseases:

    • Measles

    • Chicken Pox

    • Whooping Cough

    • Hand, foot and mouth disease

    • Any skin infection

    • Seasonal flu

    • COVID-19

    • Norovirus

Please note that conjunctivitis is not an excludable illness, clean towels and robes are provided for each session and all equipment is decontaminated.​


Equal Opportunities

Kernow Baby Spa will not discriminate against anyone irregardless of their race, culture, language, gender, age, experience, religion, background, ability or disability. Adjustments will be made as required to ensure anyone who wishes to attend a Kernow Baby Spa or baby massage session, is able to do so.



During your Kernow Baby Spa session please refrain from discussing personal information of others.

Anything which is discussed within a Kernow Baby Spa session should remain confidential to that session. Photographs may be taken during your session but only of your own child/children. 

Videos may be taken during your session but may only be of your own child/children.

You are not permitted to photograph or video any other child or children other than your own.

If you are asked to stop photographing or videoing at anytime then we would ask that you respect this request.

If you share your photos & videos to social media and tag Kernow Baby Spa in these, or send them to Kernow Baby Spa as a private message, you are giving your consent for Kernow Baby Spa to share these images on their Instagram and Facebook social media pages. If you do not want your image to be shared on Kernow Baby Spa social media pages please do not tag or private message your images. 


Health & Safety

Your health and safety and the Kernow Baby Spa is paramount. Kernow Baby Spa has undertaken infection prevention and control training and an accredited COVID-19 awareness course.

All equipment is decontaminated prior to, in between and after Baby Spa and baby massage sessions. All towels and spa robes are laundered prior to Baby Spa sessions and you can be assured that they are replaced for each session. 

Bath water temperature is checked prior to use and this is recorded on a log sheet.

Parents will be offered refreshments in single use disposable cups or if you prefer, in a reusable cup which you may provide. 



On arrival at your session alcohol gel is available for your use if desired. All equipment will be sanitised prior to and in between sessions. The room is ventilated and reheated in between sessions. Some venues may also have air purifying systems in place. Fresh towels and bath robes (if applicable) will be provided for each session. At the end of your session we would encourage you to again use alcohol gel prior to exiting the room. Face masks are recommended in enclosed spaces where you come into contact with people you don't normally meet - this means that it remains a personal choice to each individual attending a session as to whether they wear a face mask or not. This is also the case for taking a lateral flow test prior to attending a session. This guidance is correct as of 28th November 2021 and will be updated as required to adhere to government guidelines. 


Changes to Terms & Conditions

Kernow Baby Spa reserves the right to update these terms & conditions at any time. You have 14 days to opt out of accepting any changes and this must be done in writing. If you do not opt out within this time you are agreeing to adhere to the new terms & conditions.