Kernow Baby Spa's brand new service, launching 2nd June 2021!

Everything you know and love about Baby Spa sessions, for you and your toddler! As always you will find everything you would expect to at a spa: calm lighting, relaxing music, massage, facial and pedicure.

On entering the spa you’ll be transported to an oasis of calm and tranquility with the soothing music and lavender scent in the air. After a warm welcome you will help your little one to wrap up warmly in their spa robe. This is a great moment to take some pictures to remember your special spa day together.

You will then be guided through the instructor led foot massage, after which your munchkin can pick their favourite nail polish for you to give them a pedicure! During this relaxing treatment they will be able to enjoy some bubbles and sensory lighting.

Following this you will once more be guided through a wonderful calming massage sequence, this time of the face - complete with cucumber slices of course! As the session draws to a close both you and your toddler will be fully relaxed and rejuvenated.

You will be provided with everything you and your little one need to immerse yourselves in the spa: spa robe, turban, soft towel, a comfortable pillow, organic natural massage oil and choice of nail polish.

You’ll just need to bring yourselves and make sure you have your change bag with you with your usual items; a change of nappy, wipes and disposal bags: a change mat is available for your use and will be disinfected in between every use. You may need to give your toddler a snack or drink during the session, and this is of course absolutely fine! If your toddler is able to use a toilet, there is one just outside the main room.

Take time out of your busy life and hectic schedule to spend an hour relaxing with your munchkin. You will also learn techniques to help keep yourself and your toddler calm when you're at home.

The spa is limited to 4 toddlers per session to keep things nice and calm, and 2 adults are welcome to attend with their little one.

Toddler Spa is suitable for pre-schoolers from the age of 2.

Please note 2 adults are welcome per booking at Toddler Spa sessions.